Doom Is Back

25 02 2009


That’s right yall, the man, the myth, the legendary MF Doom is back and has a new album in the works.  “Born Like This” is slated for a March 24th release date, but Doom has already released two of the tracks to his myspace.  While Doom is self-producing most of the album, he’ll be rapping over a few foreign beats, courtesy of J Dilla (RIP), Dangermouse, and Jake One and featuring Wu-Tang Clan members Raekwon and Ghostface Killah.  This album would mark the return of Doom after a two-year hiatus, during which previous collaborator Madlib (of Madvillain) released Madvillainy 2 without any further collaboration with the man behind the mask.  Doom has long since been one of my favorite emcees for his versatility and lyricism.  Needless to say, I’m expecting a lot from this album, and judging by the two tracks on Doom’s MySpace, “Ballskin” and “That’s That,” Doom will deliver, like he always has.

–F. Fresh


John Frusciante’s “The Emyprean”–Review

18 02 2009


Music has the ability to capture and convey many emotions, whether they are anger, angst, frustration, happiness, despair, or any number of others. All good music does this by painting pictures and weaving words, taking the listener on his or her own personal journey:  to the top of a mountain or into the pits of Hell;  receding into a quiet corner, on the town, or perhaps through a field of flowers. It is however, a special thing when a musician creates an album which does all of this and more. John Frusciante’s 10th solo album, titled “The Empyrean,” is that album. If you’re looking for that journey, look no further.

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Inverse: So True EP

12 01 2009

As I was browsing the ever expanding hip-hop blog universe, I stumbled upon one blog that struck me as “incredibly fresh” On the front page of the blog, there was a new post, more or less demanding me to download their newly released EP entitled So True. I was feeling spry, so I decided, why not? While it was downloading, I looked at some of the older posts, and realized that Deacon (part of Cunninlynguists) is featured on one of their tracks. Upon reading this, I became very excited.

When it finished downloading, I threw it in itunes, and clicked play. Now I am not a huge fan of rave reviews nor am I good at writing them, so instead, I’ll let Frosty review the album. However I am going to tell you that  I am now a huge fan of Inverse, and that these tracks have been listed in my itunes as favorites. I am also going to recommend that if you want to listen to quality hip-hop, then you should go download So True EP. This album, in my opinion should be on the shelves at the record stores, not being downloaded for free, but I’m not complaining. 




Oh yeah, here’s Inverse.

Another Sunday Morning…

11 01 2009


Theres….Something quiet, something personal and introspective about weekend mornings.  Saturdays are either dazed attempts at piecing together friday night or a flirtatious procrastination with whomever decided to stay after the party ended.  But sunday mornings are by nature almost peaceful.  Put on the tv watch re-runs over a cup of coffee, or perhaps curl up with a book you’ve already read a couple times.  It safe to say that nothing real gets done, but thats when it all comes together.  What have I learned this week?  Who have I met that will change my life?

Not to be cheesy, but I should borrow a line from the movie, “Stranger Than Fiction.” which I saw last night, and enjoyed immensely.  How can we tell which moments in our lives are the significant ones?  It’s difficult, no doubt, to determine which courses of action to pursue at the end of the week, but perhaps that’s what sunday mornings are all about.  It’s the perfect time when life affords you a much needed breath of air, and a chance to remember the smile of a girl you just met, or have known very long, or just give you a moment to listen to the silence that a hard week can bring.  You know, the little things.

So as this Sunday morning draws to a close, and becomes afternoon, I hope you’ve spent it well.  Maybe you finished another chapter in your memoirs, or visited the neighborhood bakery with your family, or sent a cute text message to a love interest, or curled your toes and enjoyed a cup of tea with someone, or made some calls to relatives, or went for a drive down to the lake even though it was cold simply because you could.

Anyway, here’s to another week gone, hopefully some life’s lessons’s learned, and so on.

Posting some fun music soon,


Del tha Funkee Homosapien

3 01 2009

del_the_funky_homosapien-phSomething awful happened a couple weeks ago.  Due to some overheating issues, I damaged my hard drive disk and lost all of my music in the transfer to a new hard drive.  All of my hard work over the years, all of my discoveries, each album prized from the void like a miner’s gem, gone.  It’s not an uncommon tragedy for music lovers, but nonetheless the blow was dealt, and it took me a week to recover from my grief.  I had to rebuild what I had lost.  And so I set out with a  brand new 400 GB external to harvest and cultivate a new library of music, bigger and better than before.

I will no doubt look for much of my old music, classics, but in my search I will add new underground, overlooked B-sides from my favorite bands, and explore new genres altogether.  Since this blog is heavily about music and culture, I will post the best of my discoveries to share.

Today I’m bumpin’ some of Del the Funkee Homosapien.  If the name doesn’t tell you, he’s an alternative hip-hop artist with a flair for unorthodox beats and topics, but its all good hip-hop.  He’s the rapper from the Gorillaz record, “Clint Eastwood” if that helps you to remember (try to act like you didn’t have that rap memorized.)  I’ve been listening to some of his older stuff from when he was on Elektra records, but these days, with his last release “Eleventh Hour” to be specific, he’s working with Definitive Jux records, and so gets my vote of confidence: those gentlemen know hip-hop.

Check out Del’s MySpace to listen to some good music.

Keep it real, yo.

–Frosty Fresh

Realfresh Endorses: Kind of Blue

5 12 2008

miles-davis-kind-of-blue-3607331Possibly one of the most iconic and well known jazz albums ever recorded, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, released in 1959, still deserves every bit of credit it receives today.  Too infrequently does the world enjoy the pleasure of hearing so many talented musicians–truly masters of their craft–on one album, but Kind of Blue affords us such a rarity.  Miles, Cannonball, Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Jimmy Cobb, and Paul Chambers–The Greats.  Not a jazz enthusiast?  Not a problem.  Miles’ solos are melodic enough to appeal to even the most untrained ear, and Evans’ bluesy rhythms are at once simple yet subtly complex.  An introductory album to the genre, and an old favorite for the rest of us, Kind of Blue is jazz for the soul.

Miles Davis-Kind of Blue (Imeem)

–Frosty Fresh

Ffffound! Invite Request

4 12 2008

This is my plea.  I would really, really, like a Ffffound! invite.  If you still have yours, I would love it.  Thanks

–Frosty Fresh