Asher Roth: New king of the burbs

7 08 2008

You all remember John Brown from the white rapper show? You know the guy who was all about “ghetto revival” and how he was “the king of the burbs”. Even though he was a bad rapper, he was good T.V.     Well, he is king no more. Because there is a new “college kid” who goes by the name of Asher Roth.

“He’s the best lyricist I’ve heard in 10 years” ~Steve Rifkind

“Let me know if there is a record you guys need me on.” ~Andre 3000

“Okay…okay…you’re nice.” ~Jay-Z

So being a white boy from Morrisville, PA. and having rhymes that impress the likes of Rifkind, Andre, and Jay-Z, he is in good shape. However not much is known about Asher except that he is a baby on the rap scene, and quite talented. 

He’s dropping a mixtape titled Asher Roth: The Greenhouse effect. The tracks on the mixtape are pretty hot, but it’s his rhymes that really get you. Constantly witty, and always funny, he sticks to the college kid image with tracks like Rub on yo’ Titties, and Morning Do (which is clearly about morning sex). People say he sounds like a young Marshall Mathers, only more friendly. But I am confident when I say this kid is going to be big, and if not, then everybody sucks.

” frame it, save it, cause in a few days I’ll be famous, then you can say holy shit there he is, that’s the kid. I forgot what his name is. Starts with an A ends with a SHER, bringin’ hip hop into the burbs.” ~Asher Roth


Download the Mixtape here


Jiggasaurus Rex




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